Dip dyed curtain vest

My first entry!!! This project was superfast, you can do it in one day or two evenings. Since we recently moved into our new flat in Switzerland with lower ceilings I had to shorten all my curtains to size. I didn’t want to throw away all the excess fabric as it was a nice linen like material that reminded me of a linen vest I have, so I took my old vest as a template and sewed up a very simple vest.

I copied the shape of my old vests front and back onto the fabric and gave 1 cm seam allowance on each side. Then I sewed the tops and sides together. The seams are hemmed with a small zig zag stitch.

When I tried it on I liked it, but it did look a little bit pale so I thought I could dye it. Since the next supermarket is miles away and I could not be asked to go shopping I thought I could probably find a natural way to dye it with things that grow outside. I found a great list of natural materials you can use to dye fabrics on www.pioneerthinking.com and decided to go with turmeric for a summery yellow (plus I didnt even need to leave the house).

Here is what I did:

1. I prepared the fabric by simmering it in a fixative (1 part vinegar and 4 parts water) for 45 min then rinsed it under cold water. This makes the colour stick to the fabric.

2. Next I made the dye by simmering about 4 teaspoons of turmeric in 3 l of water for 30 min. The more turmeric you use the more intense your end result will be.

3. I dipped the vest bottom first into the dye. I wanted to create a gradient effect so I started dipping it in up to the armpits taking smaller dips until only the bottom third was dipped in the dye. Be careful not to get any turmeric powder in any folds. I left the bottom third in the dye for about 5 min. Once I was happy with the result I gave the it a shower until only clear water was running out.

Once dried the colour gets a little bit brighter, but I love the end result. Am very tempted to dip the curtains themselves in some natural dye now, maybe a nice tan or wheat colour?

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One thought on “Dip dyed curtain vest

  1. It’s fantastic! Would be fun to dye some curtains in ombre tones…. would be pretty when there’s a breeze blowing in and they’re waving around.

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