Malham Jumper

I don’t have much endurance finishing projects, so it is not surprising that I never managed to knit a complete jumper. This one is gonna be different though. First of all, because I love the wool, it is so soft and chunky and has the colour of Malham crag, and second, because it is for the manfriend, who has been waiting for a hand knitted jumper for so long now. I bought the wool last year and started knitting following the berocco Dan jumper pattern (without the twisted rib, the man likes it simple), but somehow it didn’t work out and I ended up with a front bit whose dimensions were nothing like they were supposed to be. I stopped working on it and tried to think of a solution, but last week I decided to make a fresh start, I frogged the whole bit and am now starting again.Without a pattern. It is gonna be an adventure. I am starting with the front. Simple ribbing on the bottom and the rest is gonna be in stockinette.

I am using Drops Nepal (65% wool, 35% alpaca, 50g=75m/82yds).

In case of success I will post the pattern.

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One thought on “Malham Jumper

  1. I love to knit I am a sock woman at the moment

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