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progress on the project “Malham jumper”

It was so hot last weekend that we decided to drive high enough to see some snow. I was still wearing my summery outfit when we walked up to the boulders (I would not recommend rubber flip flops on snow!), I did a little bit of climbing and a little bit of knitting and had another wonderful weekend in the campervan.

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Malham Jumper

I don’t have much endurance finishing projects, so it is not surprising that I never managed to knit a complete jumper. This one is gonna be different though. First of all, because I love the wool, it is so soft and chunky and has the colour of Malham crag, and second, because it is for the manfriend, who has been waiting for a hand knitted jumper for so long now. I bought the wool last year and started knitting following the berocco Dan jumper pattern (without the twisted rib, the man likes it simple), but somehow it didn’t work out and I ended up with a front bit whose dimensions were nothing like they were supposed to be. I stopped working on it and tried to think of a solution, but last week I decided to make a fresh start, I frogged the whole bit and am now starting again.Without a pattern. It is gonna be an adventure. I am starting with the front. Simple ribbing on the bottom and the rest is gonna be in stockinette.

I am using Drops Nepal (65% wool, 35% alpaca, 50g=75m/82yds).

In case of success I will post the pattern.

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Noro Wurm Hat – Part 2

It is finished 🙂 We went climbing last weekend and on the drive back I finally managed the last stitches. I am very happy with the slouchiness, it is far too hot at the moment to wear it, but I have something to look forward to when the weather turns crap again.      


You can find the pattern on ravelry.

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Noro Wurm Hat – Part 1

A couple of months ago when I had to leave my old job in the UK one of my leaving gifts was some lovely Noro yarn with instructions for the Wurm hat. I usually don’t buy the Noro yarns as they are a little pricey but they are incredibly beautiful so I was so happy about that gift that I started knitting immediately. Then I started moving house and it somehow disappeared.

Although it is about 30°C at the moment and I have the sun tan of my life (yes, sun, at last!) I decided I need a nice wooly hat (you never know, might get chilly in the mountains) so I digged it out of the big “unfinished projects box”. You can find the pattern for it here at ravelry. The bottom is worked double so it should keep my ears warm and it looks cute. I am half way through and can’t wait to see it finished.

I am using 2 skeins of Noro Yuzen (56% Wool, 34% Silk, 10% Kid Mohair, 50gr, 110m).


Noro Wurm Hat – Part 2 

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