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origami crane tree


I got this idea from the wondeful movie “500 days of summer”, if you haven’t seen it yet, you should, it is full of decorating and fashion inspiration and has a great soundtrack. I actually made this last year and since then it has moved to 3 different countries.

What you need: A twig, some paper (maybe out of old magazines), scissors, thread and a needle, a plant pot or vase, some sand.

Here is what you have to do to make it:

1. Go for a walk in the nearest park/wood and find a suitable twig. I am pretty sure you can buy one in a home decor shop or at a florists as well, but I think it is nicer to go and hunt for one yourself.

2. Learn how to fold a paper crane. This is a good tutorial for an origami crane, but there are tons of youtube videos on how to do it as well.

3. Find some nice paper. I used the paper out of a glossy womens magazine, I tried to find pages that have similar colours and then cut out squares in different sizes.

4. Start folding.

5. Arrange. I used some thread with a little knot and threaded it through from the bottom (there should be a little whole). Hang your cranes into the twig and place it either in a plant pot filled with sand/pebbles/… or a nice vase.

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garden in a jar

I love plants! Unfortunately I am not very consistent at caring for them plus I never know what to do when going on holiday so after the years my plant collection consists of some very persevering specimen.

Succulents are perfect as they seem to be happy under every kind of condition, putting them in a jar makes it even easier, as you build a little eco system. Under the right conditions it can stay like this for years.

All you need is a jar (every kind or size will do, mine has a sealed lid although that is not necessary), some pebbles or glass pearls for the bottom, some dirt and something to keep the soil from falling through the pebbles (I used some small fir branches this time, but I have used tissue paper or cut nylon tights before).

For the plant you can use any kind of succulent, but moss or grass is likely to do well, too, plus you can find some moss almost everwhere. In this case I have used a lttile succulent that I bought for about 2£.

The pebbles on the bottom of the glass prevent the plant from getting too much water. Add some fir branches, some dirt and your plant. You have to add a little bit of water to the terrarium (I soaked the roots in water before planting it), close the lid and place it near a window so it will get enough light. If you can see little drops of dew on the glass in the morning it has the right amount of moisture, otherwise you can adjust by taking of the lid for a few hours or add a few more drops of water.

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