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Bento #21

A while ago I found a pack of mini wraps in the supermarket but never got around to add them to a lunch. Today I had nothing else left so I remembered them and made mini wraps.

Wraps filled with grated carrot, spring onion, coriander, sweet chili sauce and chicken, apple slices, raisins, almonds and a home made dried fruit cookie.

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Bento #20

Bulgur salad with olives, tomatoes, feta cheese and cilantro, fried chicken, mini yoghurt, kiwi, carrot sticks and pistachios.

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Bento #18

Leftover one pan chicken couscous (I used bulgur, because I couldn’t find any couscous) with a slice of lemon, fresh coriander and some yoghurt, carrot and coriander salad, apple slices and almonds.

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Bento #17

The new lock&lock box is there! Fried veggie Maultaschen, spinach, carrot and coriander salad, plum tomatoes, brownie, almonds, kiwi. The box eater is on his second day without cigarettes, so I hope the almonds will help. I also filled the little bottle that came with the box with orange juice.

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Bento #16

Maultaschen, iceberg lettuce, cucumber salad with sesame seeds, brownie, almonds and a peach.

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Bento #15

Rice with Mirin, corn on the cob, broccoli, plum tomatoes, apple slices, banana and walnut loaf.

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Bento #14

In todays lunch box I used some almond and tomato pesto I had frozen from another day. Pasta alla trapanese with fresh tomatoes, basil (plus flowers), rocket, peach and kiwi salad with raspberry sugar, almonds and two almond cookies (to stick with the topic).

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Bento #13

Pasta salad with feta cheese, olives and tomatoes on rocket leaves, homemade hummus with sundried tomatoes, cucumber and carrot sticks and for dessert wild peach and dried coconut.

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Bento #8


We were a little late this morning so I had no time to make a picture of the man’s box, but I really liked the idea of a two coloured lunch so I made one for myself as well:

Leftover chili con carne, rice, cherries, dried coconut.

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Bento #7


Eggroll, spinach, plum tomatoes, biscotti, chocolate, pistachios, apple, kiwi, ham rolls filled with cream cheese and beans (I am gonna make these rolls in advance next time so they can stay in the fridge over night for a more appealing look).

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