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Travelling Atlas chair

When I moved to Switzerland I left a few things in England that wouldn’t fit in the van. One of those things was this old dining room chair. I had bought it years ago in Germany for a few euros intending to upholster it which never happened. It has traveled quite a bit,  it originally came from England, was imported to Germany, then moved back to England and now lives in Switzerland.

But before it moved here it got a makeover!

I used:

  1. 1829 Acrylic Eggshell paint in Pale Mortlake cream
  2. The Atlas fabric from Prestigious Textiles
  3. My new Stanley Heavy Duty staple gun (which I bought for a bargain 10 pounds!)
  4. Impact glue
  5. ribbon

The biggest part of work was preparing the chair, I sandpapered it and pulled of all the fabric. Then I spend a few hours removing all the staples that were used to fix the material to the chair with a screwdriver. Then the fun part: three layers of paint and new material. I stapled the new material to the wood and hid the staples by gluing the ribbon on top of it.

It took me two days to finish it. I bought 1.5 m of the material, because the pattern was so big and I wanted to be able to choose the countries I would sit/lean on. I have enough left over to make two cushions for the sofa as well. This was my first upholstery project, but it certainly wasn’t the last one, especially now that I am the proud owner of a staple gun!


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Frame your keys

I made something yesterday I would like to show off. Since we moved in in May there hasn’t been a key solution, I tried to keep mine on top of the fridge (our fridge is kind of free standing and close to the entrance), but wasn’t consistent with that so I always had to look for them. It also did not look neither nice nor tidy. Last week I found this frame at the local thrift store for just 1 CHF and I knew it was gonna be my new key hanger.

So yesterday while procrastinating I started making it. First I sandpapered it a little to add a bit of shabby chic. It already had a nice colour on it so I didn’t need to paint the frame and only had toscrew in a few hooks. It was done so fast that it only kept me from working for about 10 minutes, not very convenient if you are procrastinating. If you are thinking of doing this I would recommend to look for a frame with a bit of depths so the keys can hang free in front of the wall.

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